Corporate Seminars and 401(k)s

As more employers are taking steps to help their employees improve their financial security, they are offering workplace financial wellness education as part of their benefits program.  Help your employees with the very important decisions about retirement planning, estate planning, and other issues affecting their finances through a workplace financial wellness program. We offer on-site seminars, one-on-one meetings, small and large-group presentations, and comprehensive Web-based education which your employees can access on a daily basis. We can customize the exact employee education program to meet your needs.  For more information or to schedule a complimentary consultation, call us at (214) 234-8414 or e-mail us at

Choosing the right 401(k) plan to help your employees prepare for retirement is an important decision.  Let us help you design a new retirement plan or simply give you a second opinion on your current plan.

If you currently have a 401(k) plan in place, we can show you how to
optimize your plan's value with a side-by-side appraisal and a cost and legal analysis. As your company's plan sponsor, you have specific fiduciary responsibilities and liabilities. Let us help you reduce your fiduciary liability.

With all of the new regulations coming, now is a great time to receive a 401(k) plan check-up.  To schedule a complimentary consultation, give us a call at (214) 234-8414 or e-mail us at

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